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Name: 3DS Yo-Kai Watch 3

Platform: 3DS

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 07 Dec 2018

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 0045496478148


Mischievous beings known as Yo-kai are everywhere and it’s up to Nate and Hailey Anne to befriend battle and solve problems with them in Yo-Kai Watch 3 for Nintendo 3DS family systems Follow two parallel stories and unravel the mysteries behind strange sightings while meeting over 600 Yo-kai and using the new 3x3 grid battle system to strategically dish out or dodge attacks More Yo-kai more mysteries! ’Merican Yo-kai have made their way to Yo-Kai Watch 3 and they’re rootin’ tootin’ troublemakers Speaking of troublemakers in BBQ zombies rise from their graves and Nate must free the town during Zombie Night If you’re too afraid of zombies you can always find treasure by exploring randomly generated dungeons and discover the truth about the mysterious ruins hidden all across the continent with the Yo-kai Blasters T group Features Meet Hailey Anne and Usapyon as they solve cases as Yo-kai detectives in Springdale Explore the American-inspired location St Peanutsburg where ’Merican Yo-kai run rampant Battle all-new bosses meet over 600 Yo-kai and use a new 3x3 grid battle system to strategically dish out attacks In BBQ go on a rafting adventure try out a new Crank-a-kai and interact with new ‘Merican Yo-kai Train up your very own Nyan a cat-like Yo-kai in Build-a-Nyan Bonk zombies on the head in an all-new mode Zombie Night - it’s an invasion! Link with versions of Yo-Kai Watch 2 and Yo-Kai Watch Blasters to earn special Yo-kai Discover treasure as part of the Yo-kai Blasters T gr...