Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

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Name: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

Platform: 3DS

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 12 Jul 2013

RRP: £39.99

Barcode: 0045496523961


Please Note 3DS titles are not compatible with standard Nintendo DS consoles Adventure with the Mario Bros into a 3D dream world to rescue Princess Peach in Mario & Luigi Dream Team for Nintendo 3DS Mario & Luigi Dream Team is a fun role playing adventure that takes place in the strangest Mario Bros location yet – Luigi's dreams! When Princess Peach is kidnapped from Pillow Island Mario will have to enter a strange dream world called Pi'illo Island to save her which can only be done by Luigi going to sleep on some magical pillows As Mario heads forth on his quest he can be assisted by Dreamy Luigi Luigi's dream counterpart who can merge with the dream environment – you can even have multiple Dreamy Luigis turn up to help! The adventures in the dream world will be shown on the upper 3D screen while Dreamy Luigi can be controlled and manipulated by touching the face of the snoozing Luigi on the touchscreen Like earlier Mario role-playing games encountering an enemy will pull Mario and Luigi into a turn based battle and you'll need to use button commands to dodge enemy attacks power up your own attacks and perform various combinations You can even make use of some of the Nintendo 3DS' other fun features like using the gyroscope to steer a helicopter