Price History


Name: Mario Kart 7

Platform: 3DS

Genre: Racing Games

Release Date: 02 Dec 2011

RRP: £39.99

Barcode: 0045496521264


Please note a 3DS console is required to play Skidding on to the Nintendo 3DS comes Mario Kart 3DS Pick your favourite Mushroom Kingdom character and aim for the chequered flag in the latest addition to the popular Mario Kart family With new tricks under the hood Mario Kart 3DS for the first time gives you the opportunity to customise your karts to give you the edge in a race and gliding karts! Mario Kart 3DS will have racers careening through courses inspired by loved Nintendo such as Donkey Kong Country and Wii Sports own Wuhu Island Different accessories to give you the edge in a race will can choose big tyres for the off-road advantage or small tyres for the city courses? New abilities for your karts such as the new glider ability that lets you glide over short cuts after you've caught some big air But that's not the only new ability in Mario Kart 3DS Choose to race as your Mii or a Mushroom Kingdom character But who would you rather see on that podium your Mii or Mario? SpotPass and StreetPass features How can you pass this up? Battle it out online via wifi or face off against your friends in Mario Kart 3DS multiplayer action You may lose friends but the glory is worth it!