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Name: Puzzler Brain Games

Platform: 3DS

Genre: Puzzle Games

Release Date: 19 Apr 2013

RRP: £25.52

Barcode: 0609613838996


Puzzler Brain Games is a new type of puzzle gameThe fast paced action tests players’ intellect with 20 different quick-fire puzzles designed to be fun and exciting while helping players improve their cognitive ability The 20 puzzles are based on training 4 different brain function categories - Visual Word Mathematical and MemoryThe game provides endless hours of fun as players are never presented with the same puzzle content twice The main game mode is a 90 day Challenge Programme that will track progress along the way to show players how much their brain power is improvingAs an added bonus the game also includes a practice mode where the player can compete to earn Bronze Silver and Gold medals depending on how well they perform over a number of tests  Take part in a 90 day Challenge Programme or test your skills in the Practice Area  20 unique timed puzzles based over 4 categories – Visual Word Mathematical and Memory  All puzzle content supplied by the world’s leading supplier of puzzle content – Puzzler Media Limited  A great variety of puzzles are offered in Puzzler Brain Games such as  Altered Image Rat Catcher Memory Maze Disco Professor and many more!