Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

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Name: Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

Platform: 3DS

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 26 Sep 2014

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 3391891978606


In this 2D-robot combat game you can step into the role of one of the four Tenkai Knights heroes and must stop the evil Vilius and his army of shape shifting robots from destroying planet Earth and Quarton. Power-up your hero with over 100 customisation parts and co-operate with an ally to complete missions from the Story Mode! Up to 4 Players can also compete against each other in a VS mode to find out who&#'s the most powerful hero! For the first time ever relive the Tenkai Knights experience in an exciting action game offering a lot of customisation possibilities and all the fun from the Spin Master Toy line and the animated TV series! Features: The Tenkai Knights experience: your favourite characters from the innovative line of shape shifting construction bricks by Spin Master Ltd. and the animated action TV series. Become one of the 4 Heroes of Corekai and fight against Vilius and his Corrupted army. In-depth gameplay: Variety of techniques and items to define your own battle style. Customisation: just like the real toys you can create over 100 customisation parts to customise your robot and improve his skills! Robofusion: Enter Robofusion mode and combine with an ally to increase your power and battle together for a set amount of time. Play solo or with your friends: A Story Mode in which you can complete missions based on the main story. Co-operate with a friend to defeat Vilius and his army! A VS Mode allowing up to 4 players to compete...