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Name: The Sims 3

Platform: 3DS

Genre: Life Simulation Games

Release Date: 25 Mar 2011

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5030930100605


Please note 3DS console required to play - not compatible with original DS consoles For the first time ever enjoy a complete life simulation experience in 3D on handheld with The Sims 3 for the Nintendo 3DS From the creators of the world's most popular life simulator franchise The Sims 3 is now maximized for a fully 3D world Create Sims the characters unique to The Sims franchise with unique personalities fulfill their desires and control their lives within a living neighborhood Unlock new Karma Powers with Karma Points and unleash amazing effects on your Sims As you guide your Sims through life build relationships and experience different careers like Criminal Athlete or Musician to unlock new items outfits and various rewards Share your Sims with friends using the Nintendo StreetPass First Complete Life Simulation from The Sims on the Nintendo 3DS! Create any Sim you can imagine and control their lives Control multiple Sims within your household and enjoy life's special moments as you interact with their world Build a Sim With Your Own Likeness! Use the 3DS camera to capture your own likeness and create yourself as a Sim With the stylus you can sculpt your Sims' facial features choose their hair styles and clothing and dictate their personalities Trade your Sims with your friends! Through Nintendo StreetPass trade your Sims with your 3DS friends! Travel to Different Zones with Your Sims! These zones will be unique destinations for your Sims and will contain community featur...