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Name: Tomodachi Life

Platform: 3DS

Genre: Life Simulation Games

Release Date: 06 Jun 2014

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 0045496525552


Tomodachi Life 3DS puts your Mii centre stage in a world full of possibilities In Tomodachi Life populate your very own island with the Mii characters of family friends or anyone else you can think of All kinds of quirky unexpected things will happen on your island so check back every day to see what life throws at your residents The History of Tomodachi Life “Tomodachi” means “friend” in Japanese and “friends” are at the heart of this game The first game in the series was released for Nintendo DS only in Japan taking the country by storm back in 2009 The series has gone on to sell over 55 million copies in Japan to date Game creator Yoshio Sakamoto envisioned a game where players could experience Mii characters almost as pets – watching them interact and feeling empathy for what happens to them What can happen in your Tomodachi Life? You your friends and your favourite celebrities can live together in a bustling apartment block where you can drop by to check up on everyone and help solve their woes Through helping and interacting with your Mii characters you can raise their happiness levels (or sometimes disappoint them) As you do so all sorts of wacky and wonderful things can happen to your island community Throughout the day you can pop into the supermarket to buy delicious food from all around the world and hit the shops for the latest fashion What’s in stock changes every day so you’ll always find something new The dedicated island news network Mii News keeps you up-to-d...