Price History


Name: EA Playground

Platform: NDS

Genre: Sports And Oudoors Games

Release Date: 09 Nov 2007

RRP: £9.99

Barcode: 5030935059250


EA Playground captures the exuberance of your neighbourhood playground The game is easy to pick-up and play and great fun for kids as well as friends parents and even grandparents EA Playground smartly delivers both traditional favourites and all-new playground games Every game is uniquely designed with the Nintendo DS unique interface mechanics in mind Whether you blow into the DS microphone to launch spit balls at unsuspecting rivals take aim at opponents with the stylus and Touch Screen in Dodgeball or race to connect a sequential series of numbers to pull off a gnarly trick in Skate & Sketch you'll experience the DS in a completely new and refreshingly fun way Play these games and more Spit Balls Dodgeball Kicks Hoops Bug Hunt Skate & Sketch RC Car Racing Hopscotch and Trampoline Explore different areas and meet Playground bosses By beating bosses you'll be rewarded with stickers that act as power-ups You'll eventually assemble the ultimate Sticker Collection in your Sticker Album Complete your Sticker Album use the power-ups to beat the hardest bosses and you'll be on your way to owning the Playground! Explore the Playground in Single Player - As you complete challenges in Single Player mode you'll unlock new locations earn stickers as valuable power-ups and find hidden minigames throughout the playground Great Variety of Gameplay - With everything from action sports to fun playground contests to car racing to rhythm-based activities EA Playground is full of games that y...