Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace

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Name: Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace

Platform: NDS

Genre: Puzzle Games

Release Date: 07 Oct 2011

RRP: £20.41

Barcode: 5016488120999


Help Find the Crown Jewels!Draw back the curtains of one of the grandest buildings in the world to look for treasure and uncover its deepest secrets Learn fun facts about several royal locations while you search for hidden objects and play ingenious mini-games Discover romantic notes strewn across beautifully detailed scenes in this exciting mystery adventure and follow the trail of the Palace's long lost treasure!The Story behind the gameAt the beginning of the 18th century John Sheffield son of Edmund Sheffield served as the Duke of Buckingham When he was a boy of aged 14 he attended the posthumous exhumation of Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector of England Ireland and Scotland 48 levels with 12 different locations Challenging mini-games and 100 of hidden objects Combine unique items to solve puzzles Learn fun royal facts!