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Name: MySims Agents

Platform: NDS

Genre: Espionage Action Games

Release Date: 25 Sep 2009

RRP: £14.99

Barcode: 5030935075205


In MySims Agents on the Nintendo DS you take the role of an agent assigned by the agency to help a mayor stop a notorious thief from stealing the town treasure You must search for clues solve devious puzzles and match wits with the mysterious thief in order to protect the treasure Your investigations will have you talking to your favorite MySims and searching for clues in underground caverns Only the brightest and best agent will succeed! Along the way they meet MySims they can recruit to build up their own team of agents and unlock rare items they can use to deck out their headquarters Explore the world – explore your city and beyond from a ski chalet on the top of an icy mountain to an ancient temple in the depths of the jungle Solve mysteries – Use your wits skills and trusty collection of gadgets to solve puzzling mysteries Follow leads wherever they take you whether it requires jumping climbing balancingpicking locks or hacking into computers All your sleuthing abilities are brought into play from interrogation to forensics from following footprints to fixing machines Build your own team of Agents – Recruit MySims you meet along the way to come back to your headquarters and join your team Send them out on missions to gather information and unlock rewards for you Construct and customize – Deck out your headquarters with treasures from your adventures customize it to look the way you want and equip it to maximize the skills of your team