Sight Training

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Name: Sight Training

Platform: NDS

Genre: Puzzle Games

Release Date: 24 Jan 2008

RRP: £13.18

Barcode: 0045496739256


After training your brain with More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima How old is your brain? you can now sharpen your Focus Power with Sight Training Fast fun activities and quick-play sports challenges give eyes the challenging workout they need Sight Training has you sharpen the five aspects of your Focus Ability by giving yours eyes a daily workout with fun and fast activities as well as quickplay sports challenges It includes ten Focus Ability exercises and eight Sports Training exercises Sight Training focuses on daily training with graphs tracking daily progress for up to four users You are rewarded an Eye Age measured according to your strengths in the different Focus Abilities which can ultimately be brought down to 20 years Strengthens 5 aspects of the focus ability through simple and short training exercisesEndorsed by the famous Japanese "Visual Training" professor Ishigaki HisaoAll operations are activated via simple touches so anyone can train their focus ability