Take A Break 2

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Name: Take A Break 2

Platform: NDS

Genre: Puzzle Games

Release Date: 19 Nov 2010

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 0609722858298


Following on from the success of Take a Break Puzzle Master comes an all-new puzzle title for the Nintendo DS - Take a Break Puzzle Bonanza Acting on consumer feedback on the original title has resulted in a new and improved puzzle game created to satisfy real puzzle consumer requirements Take a Break Puzzle Bonanza therefore retains the features that were popular in Puzzle Master and has added all-new elements - resulting in a title that not only boasts bigger puzzles but also offers players more of a challenge and longer play duration too Take a Break Puzzle Bonanza really gets to the heart of what DS puzzlers truly want Includes over 1000 puzzles across seven different puzzle types Crosswords Sudoku Arrowwords Number Crunchers Picture Posers Codebreaker and Conundrums Three different input methods Drag & drop using the stylus tap in your answers using the on-screen qwerty keyboard or switch to the handwriting recognition and write your solutions in your own handwriting Store your progress across four personal profiles using the all-new Save function Two modes of play to enjoy - Time Trial mode for those who like to test their skills against the clock or Free Play mode for the more casual puzzler