The Waterhorse: Legend Of The Deep

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Name: The Waterhorse: Legend Of The Deep

Platform: NDS

Genre: Simulation Games

Release Date: 25 Apr 2008

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 5051272004789


Based on the film and book the game will deliver an experience that follows the same storyline and embellishes it with a series of exciting interactive levels based both on land and in the water Alternating between control of Angus (the finder of the water horse egg) and Crusoe (the curious water horse that hatches from the egg) the player will be taken on an adventure of discovery and growth which sees the little water horse hatch learn to swim and grow rapidly into a huge and unique beast that must escape to the open sea All this action will be presented through two separate game play styles one on land where the player must sneak around and avoid the suspicious adult foes and one in the water guiding Crusoe (sometimes carrying Angus) from unsure swimmer to king of the waves Control Angus and Crusoe over a series of exciting levels Enjoy the compelling storyline based on the family film Play through the levels in order to enjoy the story and revisit them later to find all the secrets Guide Crusoe as he finds his flippers and learns to swim Help Angus look after and nurture his highly unusual pet Sneak around the grounds of the house dodging nefarious foes including Churchill the dog a variety of soldiers and Angus' mother! Swim through the loch with grace and style avoiding various underwater obstacles and reaching targets before time runs out Hunt through the levels for all the mosaic pieces to reveal secret bonuses The Nintendo DS game utilises the full touch screen techn...