Walk With Me! Do You Know Your Walking Routine? - Includes Two Activity Meters

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Name: Walk With Me! Do You Know Your Walking Routine? - Includes Two Activity Meters

Platform: NDS

Genre: Edutainment Games

Release Date: 05 Jun 2009

RRP: £32.95

Barcode: 0045496740207


Walk With Me! continues Nintendo's tradition of offering products aimed at enhancing and improving fitness and lifestyle as well as being accessible to all the family Walk With Me! does this with an added competitive twist At its core Walk With Me! tracks your daily routine with the Activity Meter Once you have been for a walkrun you wirelessly beam the data from the Activity Meter to your DSDSi and Walk With Me! converts it into numbers of 'steps' The software tracks exactly when you went for a walk that day and offers you tips and advice You are represented in Walk With Me! by your Mii character which can be wirelessly downloaded from your Wii This is the first time you have been able to use your Mii character in a DS game If you do not have a Mii character then you can create one within the software Once you have downloaded your activity for the day you can set yourself targets according the amount of activity that you do You can also give yourself as stamp at the end of day depicting whether you are happy or not with the amount of activity you have done for that day The major defining feature of Walk With Me! is that you can track up to four peoples activity on one cartridge This enables you to compare your activity with family members friends or even work colleagues to see who is fittest and who is the laziest Walk With Me! is also Wi-Fi compatible allowing you to upload your data to the global rankings to see how you fair on a world stage There are also a variety of min...