X-Men: Destiny

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Name: X-Men: Destiny

Platform: NDS

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 30 Sep 2011

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 5030917100895


In X-Men™ Destiny players control the fate of one of three brand-new mutantcharacters that have only just begun to realise the power that they posess. Thebranching storyline penned by acclaimed Marvel™ writer Mike Carey featuresa deep element of choice allowing players to customise the path powers anddevelopment of their character and to decide their role in the mutant causealongside or against some of Marvel’s greatest X-Men franchise characters such as Magneto Cyclops Wolverine and Gambit.Features: Control Your Mutant’s Destiny - Make core power and faction decisions leading to an epic choice between the X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants. Discover Your Mutant Identity - Players choose among three all-new mutant characters each with a unique background that is unraveled throughout the game. Walk In Another Mutant’s Genes - X-Gene enhancements allow players to experience their favourite X-Men characters’ abilities such as Nightcrawler’s teleportation Iceman’s freezing ability and more. Your Choices Shape The Story - Players make moral decisions that guide the destinies of their characters. Unleash Your Mutant Power - Take control of one of three all-new mutant abilities and watch as your power grows and evolves based on your decisions.