Agricultural Simulator Deluxe

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Name: Agricultural Simulator Deluxe

Platform: PC

Genre: Simulation Games

Release Date: 11 Apr 2012

RRP: £9.99

Barcode: 8716051055662


In a charming mountain area you can take the role of a classic farmer with all the necessary tasks like cattle breeding growing grain and other resources as well as dealing with products from your farm. Your fields can be cultivated with machines from CLAAS and even your animals have to be taken care of. Many genuine tractors and the possibility to ride all of them make the Agricultural Simulator complete. Choose between many different models of tractors combines extensions and hangers. Sell your products and invest into better equipment. More powerful machines will help you to farm bigger areas. As striving farmer you have to invest carefully to maximize the crop. Don't kick over the traces or you won't be able to upgrade your farm and to buy more land. Choose the right seed from different types of grains like barley rye or wheat or decide to grow canola or corn. The harvest can be used as animal food new seed as well as product to be sold on the market. Always have an eye on the market prices so you don't come out with losses after all the work. Get another main pillar and breed cattle: cows horses sheep hen and geese. You may even have game animals on your farm and sell them profitable as food. If everything works well the animals will prosper and you can sell their offspring on the market. Your animals need your full attention. Take care of proper feeding daily care of the stables and even their wellbeing. Having so much to take care of you will soone...