Airliner Pilot: Add-On for FS 2004

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Name: Airliner Pilot: Add-On for FS 2004

Platform: PC

Genre: Flight Simulation Games

Release Date: 13 May 2005

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5035063004479


Have you ever wanted to fly for a major airline? Fancy travelling the world being responsible for millions of pounds worth of material and for the safety and comfort of hundreds of passengers? Wouldn't it be great if you could do it in FS2004? Now you can Airliner Pilot is a unique piece of software that puts you into control of an airliner in your own fictional airline Starting as a Junior First Officer in the right-hand seat seat of a turboprop aircraft you'll make your way through a pilot's career Your airline will assign you routes to fly according to your rank and aircraft allowances With growing experience and successful flying you will gain type ratings for larger aircraft on longer routes and eventually be promoted to take the Captain's place in the left-hand seat Winner of Aircraft Illustrated's prestigious award for Best Flight Sim Product of 2005 They wrote "This creates a whole new challenge for users of Flight Simulator It is great fun easy to use and one of those titles that you find yourself going back to time and again which is a sign of a great product We were also very impressed with the rapid response from the publisher when needing help and Airliner Pilot even has its own web site where fans are adding their own extras to make the experience even more enjoyable" Career ranks Junior First Officer First Officer Senior First Officer Captain Training Captain The pilot will be promoted when completing a number of flights and flying hours Aircraft to fly Dash 8 ...