Anderson & the Legacy of Cthulhu

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Name: Anderson & the Legacy of Cthulhu

Platform: PC

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 08 Jan 2007

RRP: £14.99

Barcode: 9006113152019


Robert D. Anderson hardboiled New York investigator is called to a place of crime and discovers secret information about his origins. Only few know that he was born as Robert Dietrich Freiherr von Landers last descendant of a powerful baron family in southern Germany but the victim found in Providence New England surely knew. The information brings back horrible memories from Robert's childhood and finally forces him to travel into the heart of the rising Nazi empire. Around and inside the strangely reconstructed family castle deep in the forests of Bavaria he faces the horrific deeds of the evil Order of the black Sun as well as a secret that could exterminate humanity. Surrounded by fanatic SS officers shaken Wehrmacht soldiers and occultists that have overtaken the Landers' Family Business he has only few allies on his side. But he will need any help to stop an armageddon consisting of rotten flesh false gods and the curse of his own family... Game Features Playable horror story based upon the scenario created by H.P. Lovecraft. Made by fans of the Cthulhu myth for fans of the Cthulhu myth. Breathtaking story written by some of the best Pen Paper campaign writers. Cutscenes directed by Gerhard Daurer awardwinning director and author of Game of Life. 15 exciting levels in different scenarios from Germany 1940 to the outer rims of unknown galaxies 4 different multiplayer challenges. More than 20 different enemies and various weapon...