Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge

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Name: Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge

Platform: PC

Genre: Puzzle Games

Release Date: 18 Jun 2012

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5016488125062


Can you rise above every challenge and triumph over evil? A witch's quest for revenge spells trouble for a young mother and her son in Behind the Reflection 2 Witch's Revenge! Guide the mother as she pursues the witch through space and time to save her son from a fate worse than death The variety of quests you must take on will keep you pressing forward to the game's shocking conclusion Collect battle armour for a talking skeleton assemble a special key belonging to an exorcist and save a witch from burning at the stake all in an effort to stay on the trail of your nemesis! Interact with a variety of characters find useful objects and stop the witch before it's too late in this incredible Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game  Five settings  36 locations  Over 45 mini-games  More than 20 hidden object scenes