Bill And Ben

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Name: Bill And Ben

Platform: PC

Release Date: 15 Oct 2002

RRP: £4.99

Barcode: 5032956171225


The nation's favourite flowerpot men are back after thirty years in hibernation re-potted with no strings attached and ready to play with children aged between two and five years old. Now more than forty years since the television show was first screened the characters from the BBC's Watch with Mother classic have undergone a major facelift. Along with a bright colourful new look and contemporary stories there are a number of new 'flobbadobbafun' friends for the terracotta twosome to play with. Designed to stimulate young minds and encourage play - both inside and outside the house - this interactive title promises enjoyment for both children and their parents alike carrying on one of the mainstays of the original television programme. The puppet strings and grainy black-and-white footage from the original television show have been replaced with state-of-the-art animation and captivatingly bright colours giving Bill and Ben and all the other characters renewed vitality. Both the television show and the CD-ROM feature voiceovers by Cold Feet star John Thomson and in contrast to the original version Bill and Ben's friend Weed now also has a voice! The fun range of activities on this CD-ROM includes five games as well as a selection of your favourite clips from the new television series. Features: Flobbapaint - Design your own cards Fly with Pry - Pry the Magpie is in need of some help Pots and Pipes - Construct a maze of pipes Flubbatunes - Make cool music and...