Call of Duty: World at War

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Name: Call of Duty: World at War

Platform: PC

Genre: Military Action Games

Release Date: 14 Nov 2008

RRP: £34.99

Barcode: 5030917057472


Call of Duty returns and to many people's surprise it's going back to World War II. While original series creators Infinity Ward brought the series into the modern day developer Treyarch are setting out to make the definitive historical firstperson shooter. The game is primarily set in the Pacific theatre and has a much more realistic violent tone requiring lesslinear game play than previous Call of Duty installments. You'll struggle to survive Japanese attacks without mastering new gaming skills like swimming or how to use a flamethrowera weapon that packs some punch in the fully destructable game world. Also featured is a campaign on the Eastern front where you take control of a soldier in the Soviet Red Army during the attack on Berlin in the closing stages of the war. The game also includes the series' first coop mode while the competitive multiplayer mode aims to build upon the achievements of Call of Duty 4 and add to the game's longevity. Game Features Dual campaigns: Fight in two very different World War II battles. Take on the Japanese Imperial army in the Pacific and liberate Berlin as part of the Soviet Red Army. Grim realities: Experience the most bloody and realistic combat ever seen in the series as you witness enemy atrocities and wield horrific new weapons such as the flamethrower. Job with benefits: Revamped competitive multiplayer mode features useable vehicles and an expanded perks system from Call of Duty 4 . Brot...