C.T.U (Counter Terrorism Unit)

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Name: C.T.U (Counter Terrorism Unit)

Platform: PC

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 22 Apr 2016

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5060020477935


The CTU development story began two years ago pitched as a spiritual successor to the classic SWAT games CTU demands patience and tactical judgement to succeed against overwhelming odds Designed as a first person shooter but encouraging tense and tactical gameplay command your team to secure the safety of hostages A dozen terrorist activities take place across several locations and the player can choose from some of the finest weapons and tools including the third eye tactical camera On-line multi-player and single player modes need the right judgement call in the field to determine the difference between life and death! Deployed to several dangerous locations to detain a rising criminal threat the scenarios in this game are uncannily associated with real-life situations we find ourselves in today Anyone can fire a gun but there are only a few who can bring down a suspect with intimidating presence and force them to lay down their weapons and surrender At your disposal are a selection of modern weapons and tools to aid the fight against terrorism These include the snake cam (used to see what dangers may face you behind a closed door) the night vision goggles riot shield and three types of grenade Based on performance for each mission players will be awarded with money which can be spent on new weapons tools and hiring new team members AI team mates can be ordered to open doors cover locations move to area use snake cams and an assortment of other tasks Another big exciting fe...