Elements of War

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Name: Elements of War

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy Games

Release Date: 15 Apr 2011

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 4260089413757


Set on Earth in the not-so-distant future Elements Of War focuses on a conflict for the survival of humanity that ensues after a secret military weather control experiment sets in motion a near-complete global climate collapse Three factions battle on American soil for control of fearsome weather-based weapons granting them the power to use tornadoes hurricanes earthquakes torrential rains and other forces of nature as weapons of war Three Diverse Factions - Battle in a near-future America as the "Ravens" (the US military trying to protect the secret experiment) the "EEB" (a European coalition that invades to capture the nature-based weapons) and the "Patriots" (a paramilitary force fighting for their country's survival) collide Control the Weather Control the World - Six weather-based weapons allow players to dominate and transform the battlefield with tornadoes earthquakes hurricanes and other elements of war impacting supply lines slowing troop movements and devastating the enemy A Visually Stunning Battlefield - A modern graphics engine beautifully renders highly detailed units while realistic destruction physics create a believable theatre of war Conventional and "What If" Weaponry - More than 40 realistic and fictional units and weapons from the American Russian and European military arsenals Challenging Campaign Massive Theatre of War - Fight across a challenging 12 mission campaign each massive map offering diverse tactical challenges Fierce Multiplayer Action - Contr...