Global Operations

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Name: Global Operations

Platform: PC

Genre: Military Action Games

Release Date: 01 Jul 2005

RRP: £4.89

Barcode: 5037999006725


Global Operations puts you into present-day hot spots such as Chechnya Sri Lanka and the South China Seas. As a member of an elite military force accomplish team-specific missions like hostage rescue bomb disarmament and the VIP escort. Only as a team can you defeat the opposition. Features: Go online and join one of 26 elite fighting forces to battle in 13 diverse conflict zones. Choose one of seven player specialties such as Recon Commando and Medic. Select from over 30 rifles machine guns and shotguns as well as sniper scopes laser pointers silencers and more. Equip yourself with all the tools of the trade including grenades C4 charges and night vision goggles.