Might and Magic 9

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Name: Might and Magic 9

Platform: PC

Genre: Role Playing Games

Release Date: 11 Dec 2006

RRP: £9.99

Barcode: 5050740021068


You've never seen Might and Magic like this Explore and all-new 3D universe filled with richly-detailed castles dark foreboding dungeons and lush outdoor environments! Lead a party of 4 player characters and hire non-player characters to fight alongside you on a quest to save your home the peaceful land of Chedian from the blood-thirsty Beldonian Horde All new stunning 3D game engine creates a whole new realistic gaming experience Choose from over 65 quests to complete along the way and explore over 40 massive levels! Tailor each character's development to be stronger in the Might or Magic All new Spell Combat system - Spellcasters have a wide range of devastating spells! Intuitive interface and all-new Conversation system 23 skills to customize your characters' abilities Multiple character classes each with unique strengths and weaknesses Minimum Requirements   Processor Pentium II 400MHz or equivalent (minimum) Windows Windows 9598XP RAM 64 MB (minimum) Video card 16MB VRAM Direct X 80 compatible graphics card (minimum) Sound card All major Direct X 80 compatible sound cards Other 1GB free Hard Disk space CD Rom drive x 4 speed Keyboard and mouse