Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones - Collector's Edition

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Name: Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones - Collector's Edition

Platform: PC

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 11 Feb 2015

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5016488128353


Nightmares from the Deep 3 Davy Jones is the final chapter of the critically acclaimed trilogy in which fearless museum custodian Sara Black must face her greatest enemy the legendary pirate Davy Jones In this third and final Sara Black must face her hardest task yet - to save her daughter from a soul-stealing pact with Davy Jones by finding a way to cancel it Will she succeed? Who is the voodoo witch who lives on the cursed island? Or the brilliant alchemist? Why does the ghost of a beautiful young girl roam Davy Jones's island and what is her connection to the legend?  32 achievements to unlock & 29 addictive mini-games  3 types of Collectibles - 12 sea horses 10 pirate cards and 24 puzzle pieces  12 mysterious statues to awake - they know the past of the legendary Sea Devil  68 diverse majestic locations that allow you to explore almost the entire pirate island  Additional adventure in which Sara Black discovers the shocking truth about the survivors living on Davy Jones's island  Extras concept art game music System Requirements Minimum Processor Requirements 20GHz Minimum Memory Requirements 1024 MB Minimum Graphics Requirements Video Card 64 MB Operating System Requirements Windows Vista 32-bit Windows 7 Windows 8 Miscellaneous DirectX 90