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Name: Poser Debut (PC/Mac)

Platform: PC

Release Date: 01 Apr 2011

RRP: £29.99

Barcode: 5016488126830


The easiest way to learn 3D and have fun at the same time Click and drag to pose over 70 included 3D figures Create cool 3D art even if you can't draw or have never taken an art class Affordable yet fully featured Includes 2GB of ready to go 3D content so you can get started right away Learn the basics of 3D and 3D character animation with easy to follow step-by-step Project Guide Easy-to-use 3D character animation controls Expand your 3D skills with the included training videos and tutorials Add additional content by connecting with Content Paradise Pose 3D characters with natural bending in every joint Includes over 70 fully rigged fully posable 3D characters Comes with 2GB of clothing hair props textures pose sets cameras lights facial expressions and hand poses to get started quickly Click and drag to pose figures or move lights and cameras in real time Easily drag and drop content into the scene from the Library Search Content Paradise from within Library for additional Poser content Turn 3D scenes into images or animation with Poser FireFly rendering engine In-app Project Guide teaches how to use Poser with video and easy to follow instructions Efficiently uses your computer's hardware to make 3D fast