Rascal & Cottonwood Add-On for Rail Simulator

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Name: Rascal & Cottonwood Add-On for Rail Simulator

Platform: PC

Genre: Transport Simulation Games

Release Date: 03 Apr 2009

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5035063006114


Expand your Rail Simulator world with this fantastic fictional route set in the heart of North America The Rascal & Cottonwood route is a fictional representation of a coal-carrying branch line in North America The route runs for almost 20 miles and is based around the town of Tri-City the Cottonwood foundry and the Rascal mine The package features eleven different scenarios including Free Roam which allows users to travel to any part of the route Also included are a version of the excellent 3dtrains Rural Landscapes Foliage Pack add-on and parts of the RSDL Foliage Pack providing a rich package of many different foliage types with which you can enhance the appearance of the Rascal & Cottonwood line and include in your own routes as well The route features a detailed Union Pacific SD40-2 locomotive 10 USA rolling stock wagons authentic terrain mapping and track placement and AI train operations not to mention spectacular scenery with four towns a whole landscape of vegetation rivers bridges and more! Eleven scenarios give you tasks to be completed and one special scenario turns the Rascal & Cottonwood route into your own personal model railway! Any Rail Simulator rolling stock including add-ons can be used on the Rascal & Cottonwood route and the printed manual includes full route schematics THE ROUTE The story of the single-track Rascal & Cottonwood mainline is of an abandoned coal route brought back to life which features a coal mine a coal prep plant and a foundry which ar...