Razer Blackwidow 2014 – Expert Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard

Razer Blackwidow 2014 – Expert Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard deals on PC
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Name: Razer Blackwidow 2014 – Expert Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard

Platform: PC

Genre: Accessories

Release Date: 07 Nov 2014

RRP: £89.99

Barcode: 8886419341758


Built with the Razer mechanical switches, the Razer BlackWidow will help you take your game to the next level with more speed and precision. By redefining the limits of performance, this elite gaming keyboard lets you leave the competition in the dust, even faster than before. World's First Mechanical Switch Designed For Gaming The Razer BlackWidow features the Razer mechanical switches that have been designed from the ground up with the aim of elevating the speed and responsiveness of the Razer BlackWidow gaming keyboard beyond the capabilities of other mechanical switches. Tested and validated by the eSports athletes, we have identified the optimal actuation distance and reduced the tolerance for faster commands and greater precision when compared to standard mechanical switches. Made to also withstand rigorous physical demands, you can enjoy greater performance and durability. The Benchmark in The World Of Competitive Gaming The Razer mechanical switch is designed to actuate at an optimal distance of 1.9 mm into the keystroke and reset itself to fire again at less than half the distance of standard mechanical switchesusp. This allows for blazing fast actuations without having the need to bottom down into the keystroke each time. Razer Mechanical Switches Designed specifically for gaming, the Razer mechanical switches actuate at an optimal distance, giving you speed and responsiveness like never before. Iconic Razer Design The Razer BlackWidow was first launched in 2010...