Rome: Total War - Gold Edition II

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Name: Rome: Total War - Gold Edition II

Platform: PC

Genre: Historical Strategy Games

Release Date: 11 May 2007

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5016488115698


Rome Total War Storm clouds gather over Europe Asia and North Africa as mighty armies march forward in Rome Total War Command the greatest forces of the ancient world including the Roman Legions Carthage Gaul Macedon Germania Britannia and many more Lay siege to civilizations using powerful war engines and decimate your enemies using special units like ferocious war dogs armored elephants or scythed chariots In Rome Total War the most epic cinematic real-time 3D battles ever seen in a game come to life with awe-inspiring graphics Vast armies are lead by brilliant generals such as Hannibal leader of the Carthaginians; the barbarian warlord Vercingetorix; Boudicca the British warrior queen; and Julius Caesar Rome’s greatest general and leader The mightiest armies and the most brilliant commanders of ancient times clash in an epic war game only Total War can create Easily manage vast cities and gigantic battles with the aid of advisors auto managing tools and pick-up-and-play controls Forge an empire on the revolutionary 3D campaign map with an intuitive display of your cities and armies Command unique units from Carthaginian elephants and Scythed war chariots to Roman war dogs using intuitive controls Rome Total War - Barbarian Invasion Expansion The expansion moves the action on 350 years to a time when the Roman Empire is in deep trouble beset by enemies inside and out and possibly even dying The year is 363 AD and the Roman Empire has split into two parts ruled from the citi...