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Name: Rome: Total War - White Label

Platform: PC

Genre: Historical Strategy Games

Release Date: 22 Sep 2006

RRP: £10.20

Barcode: 5016488114615


Players will be carried into the midst of ancient history's most intense conflicts as they lead mighty armies of more than 5000 fully 3D motion captured warriors on stunning 3D battlefields stretching to the horizon They can play as legendary generals including Julius Caesar and Hannibal or they can pit their wits against them as they use the art of Total War to conquer their enemies Epic Cinematic Battles - Revolutionary new technology allows for battles between colossal armies of over 10000 superbly detailed warriors in one battle all in 3D Command Massive Armies - A dozen playable nations each with unique units including Roman Legions Greek phalanxes Barbarian hordes Egyptian Chariots and Carthaginian War Elephants Build an Empire - Construct vast cities train mighty armies outwit your enemies with diplomacy and subterfuge and plan your conquests on the all-new 3d campaign map Then when armies clash zoom down to the action of the real time battles Smart advisors and one click automanagement lets every gamer play how they want from controlling every detail to pure battle action Storm the Walls - Assault huge cities and monumental fortresses with devastating war machines Walls collapse and men scatter under fire from catapults battering rams and war elephants smash gates and siege towers and ladders take the fight to the battlements while the defenders rain down death from above with arrows from the walls towers and boiling oil above the gates Multi-Player - Take the war onl...