Sensible Soccer 2006

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Name: Sensible Soccer 2006

Platform: PC

Genre: Soccer Games

Release Date: 01 Jan 2005

RRP: £4.99

Barcode: 5050740021747


Renowned as the greatest multiplayer kick-about ever Sensible Soccer will return with a modern take on its trademark zoomed out camera and truly intuitive control system which delivers total 360-degree control over your players' kicks and movement. Visually the game will have a distinctive new graphical style which includes cel-shaded players with the classic enlarged heads designed to appeal both to fans of the series and appeal to a new generation of gamers. The trademark top-down view allows you to see the build up play better than you can in any current football game. This gives the player a huge degree of tactical awareness and control that has never been bettered. Sensible Soccer will come loaded with masses of club and national teams and players from all over the world multiplayer games for up to four players and 50 international preset competitions. In addition to the pre-set tournaments Sensible Soccer will feature a DIY Competition mode which enables you to play any number of teams in cups leagues and tournaments with your own competition rules. You'll also be able to create your own Dream Team in the game's Custom Career Mode and play them in any of the competitions. As you clock up the wins for your squad you'll be rewarded with over 100 unlocks and upgrades both useful and comedic to customise your players with including Five Star Skill Bonuses for players and Dinner Jacket football kits. Features: Fast end to end action Top down view all...