Shoppe Keep

Price History


Name: Shoppe Keep

Platform: PC

Genre: Role Playing Games

Release Date: 03 Jun 2016

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5055957700454


Indie developer Strangefire headed by Arvydas have scored a first-time hit with their magical medieval fantasy management game Shoppe Keep Released into Early Access in August the full and final version of Shoppe Keep will be released on 20th May Developed and matured with help and feedback from the community and buoyed on by the overwhelming support the team has produced some fantastic new content from a special Christmas DLC to the new content just announced Enhancements have been completed along the way - players can scavenge for items thrown away by customers and many new items have also been added The snap-to-grid build mode has been built-in so that structure within the game can easily be achieved Over 100 updates have been made to Shoppe Keep since launch and the full release version due in May includes the following new DLC • A new adventure called Sky Island for champions to complete • Female characters with new feminine voices • Improved FPS when barbarians are in the game • Fixed save game issue for first timers There has also been the addition of seasons – Winter Spring Summer and Autumn (Fall) plus special items that are only available for sale during the relative season – for example a coconut drink only available in the Summer The hard work of the team has really paid off and Excalibur can report that sales of Shoppe Keep on Steam are close to 100000 units in Early Access the full version release is expected to realise a much higher potential particularly in li...