Siberia v3 Prism Gaming Headset - Grey

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Name: Siberia v3 Prism Gaming Headset - Grey

Platform: PC

Genre: Accessories

Release Date: 09 Jun 2015

RRP: £109.99

Barcode: 5707119024884


The Siberia v3 Prism radiates with 16.8 million brilliant colors in various customizable modes while offering the legendary comfort of the Siberia series. The iconic Siberia suspension headband returns offering enduring lightweight comfort for hours of gaming. Powerful next-gen SteelSeries speaker drivers deliver rich detailed sound for enhanced gameplay. When using the built-in USB connection on PC or Mac and SteelSeries Engine 3 software you can further customize the high-end sound and illumination options. Noise-reducing memory-foam ear cushions aid in isolating the natural sounds and powerful bass. A retractable flexible crystal-clear microphone can be muted with the flip of a switch behind the earcup. Features: Natural sound and powerful bass thanks to next-generation SteelSeries speaker drivers Redesigned acoustics via hand-selected components and re-engineered internals Customize the incredible audio for an individual experience using SteelSeries Engine 3 Choose from 16.8 million different colors to illuminate the earcups along with the ColorShift custom effect Backup audio and illumination preferences with SteelSeries Engine 3&#'s CloudSync™ Comfortable and lightweight self-adjusting headband New memory foam ear cushions for a better fit and improved noise reduction Crystal-clear microphone is flexible and can be hidden away in the earcup Mic features Noise Suppression and Auto Compression: SteelSeries DSP technology for optimal voice communi...