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Name: Syndicate

Platform: PC

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 24 Feb 2012

RRP: £14.99

Barcode: 5030930099534


Syndicate is the revamped edition of the original Syndicate series from 1993 both of them brought to you by Bulldog Productions. As opposed to its predecessor which was a tactical shooter this is a futuristic first person action shooter that treads heavily in the science fiction genre and was written by the best selling author Richard Morgan. It is the year 2069 and the world as we know it is now completely digitally connected due to the neural chip implant the DART with which all civilians have willingly been “chip'd”. Left with no government the world has been divided into regions with corporations known as Syndicates battle for control of the American market and the general population. Three of the main corporations are Eurocorp Cayman Global and Aspari; business is war and each Syndicate is fighting with their own Agents (bio-engineered chip-augmented enforcers). You are Miles Kilo a prototype Agent for the syndicate Eurocorp and you are about to start your adventure in this gritty and corrupted sci-fi world. You have been implanted with DART 6 the weaponised version of the neural chip implant that is given only to Agents. Your mind is now a weapon as this device enables you to slow down time see through walls and breach the digital world with the various upgradeable hacking mechanics that you possess. Using the DnDP (Direct Neural-Disruption Protocol) you can get inside your enemies minds by linking chip to chip through the interface. You...