The Last Remnant

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Name: The Last Remnant

Platform: PC

Genre: Role Playing Games

Release Date: 20 Mar 2009

RRP: £34.99

Barcode: 5060121824805


The Last Remnant is a brand-new adventure from the creators of the Final Fantasy series Benefiting from the finest creative talent and the latest technological advances it is set to raise the bar in next-gen gaming with graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3 and an innovative battle system Cutting-Edge Adventure - Developed to take advantage of the latest advances in hardware The Last Remnant features groundbreaking visuals and bombastic sound Captivating Narrative - First class writing is complemented by top quality vocal talent and direction delivering spectacular drama which fully immerses you in the world of the Remnants Huge Battles - The game's innovative command system allows for scores of units to engage in a bloody and balletic battle to the death A World Filled With Remnants - The dynamic game world revolves around the awe-inspiring Remnants They vary in size and shape and it is said that there are thousands or even millions to be discovered Each Remnant contains a unique power that affects the abilities of those around it - but the powers of many Remnants remain unknown PC-specific features Players will be given the choice of Japanese and English voice-overs as well as a variety of subtitle languages Exciting new quests will challenge players like never before Devastating new special attacks will make combat even more dramatic When forming a union players will be able to allow multiple leader units to join for a more powerful union Autosave and normal save functions w...