Thunderbirds Operation Volcano (Highlights)

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Name: Thunderbirds Operation Volcano (Highlights)

Platform: PC

Release Date: 28 Mar 2002

RRP: £9.99

Barcode: 5060035741069


A volcano is erupting and Thunderbirds swing into action to prevent disaster. You join them in this exciting educational adventure having loads of fun and learning at the same time. You're on Thunderbird 5 when you receive a message about the volcano then use coordinates and grid references to find its exact location in the world. The action then moves to Brains s laboratory where you track a course to the volcano avoiding nofly areas and working out flying and arrival times. Thunderbird 1 flies a reconnaissance mission followed by Thunderbird 2 equipped with the winch pod. You use this to complete a series of challenging rescue missions as you race against time. All activities are interwoven with learning outcomes that are in line with the UK National Curriculum. Game Features Join International Rescue in this quest to halt the lava flow Includes seven mission sections with four levels of difficulty Fly through exciting 3D environments Includes a multimedia dictionary of terms and pictures about volcanoes Encourages children of all ages to sharpen their problem solving skills and work against the clock Use with your keyboard or a joystick and feelthe force feedback ...