Total War: Warhammer Old World Edition

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Name: Total War: Warhammer Old World Edition

Platform: PC

Genre: Fantasy Strategy Games

Release Date: 28 Feb 2017

RRP: £39.99

Barcode: 5055277028221


The publically and critically acclaimed Total War: WARHAMMER is the fastest-selling Total War title ever; joining the unique turn-based empire-building and real-time epic warfare of Total War with Games Workshop’s world of Warhammer Fantasy battles. This latest edition of the game adds yet more new content on top of a huge core game, as the knightly orders of Bretonnia join the fray! In addition to providing hundreds of hours of gameplay, at retail this version comes packaged with an exclusive and must-have new novella, telling the origin story of one of Warhammer’s most iconic heroes for the very first time, through the eyes of the Advisor. Master the Old World as the Empire, Orcs & Goblins, Vampire Counts, Dwarfs, and now the noble Bretonnians in this new edition of the best-selling game of conquest and warfare! In a unique mix of real-time battles and turn-based empire building, experience the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles with monsters and magic at your command. Total War: WARHAMMER ‘The Old World Edition’ includes the original game, plus: A brand new playable Race, Bretonnia – Famed throughout the Old World for its chivalry the Kingdom of Bretonnia sends forth its Knightly Orders in the name of their fair deity, the Lady of the Lake An exclusive novella: ‘The Prince of Altdorf’ – This original short story chronicles the rise to power of the mighty emperor and noble statesman, Karl Franz Brand new artwork: Featuring King Louen Leoncoeur of Brettonia riding ...