Veho 20-400x Magnification USB Digital Microscope Camera

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Name: Veho 20-400x Magnification USB Digital Microscope Camera

Platform: PC

Genre: Accessories

Release Date: 30 Sep 2010

RRP: £79.99

Barcode: 1094922220744


The latest USB Microscope from Veho. Now with more powerful 400x magnification 2 megapixel Cmos lens (interpolated) and alloy flexi-stand and measurement software. This handy USB desktop microscope - 400x 2 megapixels magnification - has a multitude of home and office uses: science education laboratory research computer parts examination printing inspection presentation tool medical analysis reading aid and collectables magnification to name a few. Online chat can also be achieved with the microscope's built-in webcam and record features. 20x or 400x digital USB microscope with snapshot and video capture software. Features: Adjustable LEDs for object illumination 2MP Cmos (interpolated) Measurement function using enclosed software Snapshot and video recording function Alloy stand and stand alone capture button Tacton rubber touch housing With a base zoom level of 20x the VMS-004 can be further zoomed in manually to a factor of 400x Fine slider adjustment for brightness hue saturation and sharpness plus a black and white display mode VMS-004 USB Microscope is supplied with Windows and Mac drivers. For software for side-loading CD drives just visit the download centre The 2 megapixel CMOS lens can be adjusted to point in any direction using the movable arm Simply install the drivers plug the microscope into your computer via the USB and you're ready to go Contents: Microscope User Guide Software CD with measurement funtionality Size: Di...