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Name: XCOM 2

Platform: PC

Genre: Sci Fi Strategy Games

Release Date: 05 Feb 2016

RRP: £49.99

Barcode: 5026555064446


XCOM 2 is the sequel to the 2012 Game of the Year awardwinning strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces and XCOM the planet's last line of defense was left decimated and scattered. Now the aliens rule Earth building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface while concealing a sinister agenda below and eliminating all who dissent from their new order. Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to rise from the ashes expose the insidious truth behind the occupation and eliminate the alien threat once and for all. Game Features XCOM ON THE RUN: Take command of the Avenger an alien supply craft converted to XCOM's mobile headquarters. Guide your strike force around the world build popular support and expose the aliens' sinister plans. RECRUIT RESISTANCE FIGHTERS: Five soldier classes each with its own skill tree including new class abilities like Momentum let you create specific soldiers for your tactical plan TACTICAL GUERRILLA COMBAT: New gameplay systems offer more tactical flexibility in combat. The state of the world affects each combat mission's environment. Use concealment to ambush enemy patrols. Loot enemies for precious gear and artifacts. Rescue VIPs and sav...