Borderlands 2

Price History


Name: Borderlands 2

Platform: PS Vita

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 30 May 2014

RRP: £24.99

Barcode: 0711719420514


Borderlands 2 is the epic sequel to the ultimate four-player Role-Playing Shooter loot fest Combining invention and evolution Borderlands 2 features all-new characters skills environments enemies weapons and equipment which come together in an ambitiously crafted story Players will reveal secrets and escalate mysteries of the Borderlands universe as they adventure across the unexplored new areas of Pandora Borderlands 2 furthers the distinct blending of First Person Shooter and Role Playing genres to create the true evolution of the Role Playing Shooter Team up with up to three other players for four-player online goodness or go old-school with two-player split-screen couch sharing mayhem as you spend hours leveling up your character and equipping them with one of the millions of badass weapons Borderlands 2 features a new visually stunning array of procedurally generated guns shields grenades artifacts enemies and more Choose one of the four new character classes to be taken through a carefully crafted and connected story to all new and surprising environments across the living planet of Pandora Make new friends arm them to the teeth and fight alongside them on your relentless quest for revenge and redemption Gunzerker leads a cast of all-new characters and all-new classes Step into the role of the Gunzerker whose highly deadly skills allow him to dual-wield any two weapons found in the game Not only that you will build on that skill to do more things with two guns than you ...