Blood Drive

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Name: Blood Drive

Platform: PS3

Genre: Racing Games

Release Date: 19 Nov 2010

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 5030917092282


Brains Stains and Automobiles! Step into the most ruthless modern-day gladiator arena this world has ever known This is the entertainment sport of a twisted new age you're the franchise player and swarms of the undead are hell-bent on killing you With battle-hardened heavily armed vehicles and your kill-or-be-killed instinct as your only weapons your goal is to send a seemingly endless mass of blood-thirsty zombies back to hell one bloody tire-tread at a time in this ultimate orgy of ultra violence! Zombies with attitude Sick disgusting diverse and interesting zombies lifted from the streets of a post-apocalyptic desert sin city Strippers cops frat boys and bachelorette partiers and more Each complete with unique attitudesand innovative ways to kill them! Motorized vehicles on steroids - the cars are the stars! Experience gruesome motorized combat against enemy vehicles including suped-up muscle cars hot rods wreckers and more! A total of 8 unique characters and cars are battle-hardened and itching to be modded with killer weaponry and armor pickups Tournament structured gameplay! Enter the most gruesome and violent tournament on earth Battle through 7 events and multiple levels over 6 different environments in the ultimate fight for your life and it's all televised for the public's sick pleasure! Multiplayer bloodbath! With online play the game is a target-rich environment with 4-player drop-in drop-out playability