Journey Collectors Edition(PS3)

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Name: Journey Collectors Edition(PS3)

Platform: PS3

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 07 Jun 2013

RRP: £17.99

Barcode: 0711719268468


Escape to a dreamlike world with three truly unique adventures along with a treasure trove of unexpected wonders. Prepare to be blown away.JourneyGlide your nomad across desert sands on a magical quest to a forbidding mountain. Journey alone or with strangers you may meet along the way and solve testing puzzles to reach your goal.FlowerBecome one with the wind and experience true freedom as you soar through luscious landscapes in a free-form adventure that lets you do everything or nothing at all. It's your choice.FlowExplore the murky depths of a surreal underwater abyss and begin a voyage of discovery. Eat whatever you find and grow strong