LittleBigPlanet 2: Extras Edition

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Name: LittleBigPlanet 2: Extras Edition

Platform: PS3

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 01 Mar 2013

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 0711719162698


Compatible with Playstation Move Not required Sackboy is back and he wants your help making the best game ever. The last LittleBigPlanet allowed you to create and customise your very own 2D platform game but this sequel blows things wide open so that you can make almost any kind of game you like. As long as it's viewed in 2D you'll be able to construct a game however you like creating racing puzzle and roleplaying adventures using all of the game's new tools. You'll even be able to film and playback your own cut scenes and record your own sound effects. When you're done you can upload your creation online and let other people see your work as well as download whatever they've made. Of course the game comes with plenty of its own builtin levels and games with plenty to see and do even if you never create anything yourself. But where would be the fun in that Game Features D.I.Y. Gaming: The most versatile and easy to use game creation tool ever seen lets anyone create their own platform puzzle racing and roleplaying games. Gamebook: Become part of the online community and browse other people's creations see how often yours has been downloaded and play fourplayer matches together. Story Mode: Enjoy more than 40 new readymade levels as you battle enemies across a wide range of game genres and themes from Techno Renaissance to Handmade Arcade. Inspect Gadgets: Make use of all new gadgets such as the grapple hook power gloves and the Creatinator tha...