Medieval Moves: Essentials (PlayStation Move)

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Name: Medieval Moves: Essentials (PlayStation Move)

Platform: PS3

Genre: Adventure Games

Release Date: 28 Sep 2012

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 0711719213147


Being dead is just the Medieval Moves - Deadmun's Quest exclusively for PlayStation 3. The evil Sorcerer Morgrimm has invaded Prince Edmunds Castle and plots to take over the kingdom raising an army of skeletons from beyond. While trying to stop Morgrimm our hero Prince Edmund is also turned into a skeleton! Now named Deadmund he must fight to save his homeland and defeat Morgrimm and his minions to restore order to the kingdom. Master Deadmund's sword bow and arrow throwing stars and grappling hook thanks to the precision of the PlayStation Move motion controller. Solve ancient puzzles and carve a path through hordes of skeleton henchmen in the exciting single player quest. Features: Playable in Stereoscopic 3D Non-stop action & adventure: Slash enemies with swords- archery - flinging throwing stars Progressive Gameplay: Packed with action items weapons power ups and innovative new PS Move interactions PlayStation Move 2.0 controls: Natural motions replicate real world actions takes the successful mechanics perfected in Sports Champions to a new level Multiple pathways unlockables and modes: Packed with power-ups secrets and surprises to discover. Explore single player story mode and multiplayer mode and local online competitive & co-op play Pick up and play: Fun and accessible for families and friends to play together. Click Images To Enlarge