No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

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Name: No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Platform: PS3

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 20 May 2011

RRP: £44.99

Barcode: 4012927053164


Set in the sunny city of Santa Destroy No More Heroes is a 3D all-action title that follows Travis Touchdown a lone hitman as he hacks and slashes his way through the elimination of ten high-ranking assassins This new PlayStation 3 version now boasts compatibility with PlayStation Move and enjoys a wealth of extra features high-definition visuals and has been given the 'Heroes' Paradise' suffix Travis is armed with his trusty 'Beam Katana' a razor-sharp sword capable of making mincemeat of all who stand in his way and is currently ranked as the 11th most lethal assassin in Santa Destroy During the course of the game Travis is contacted by the mysterious Sylvia who sets up a series of fights with the higher-ranked assassins as he climbs the ladder to position himself as the ultimate killer To this end Travis either rides his trusty motorbike through the streets or sets off on foot to his next mission before letting rip with the most incredible fighting sequences seen to date Using either a normal controller or the PlayStation Move motion-detecting unit players have access to a wide range of physical assaults and katana attacks with each bout tracked by a dynamic camera that showcases the game's stunning visuals and cinematic fight sequences Such is the level of control offered that the range of moves at Travis disposal changes depending on how the player holds the katana as they enter the fray and the exact timing of their attack Defeated foes can also be dispatched with stunn...