Playstation Move: Charging Unit

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Name: Playstation Move: Charging Unit

Platform: PS3

Genre: Accessories

Release Date: 17 Sep 2010

RRP: £24.99

Barcode: 0711719124375


Playstation Move The PlayStation 3 Motion Controller was unveiled at E3 2009 where several tech demos were shown to demonstrate the types of experiences this new-gen controller will offer. The Playstation 3 Motion Controller contains built-in motion sensors including a colour-changing orb at its head which interacts with the PlayStation Eye camera to track movement. This tracking is precise meaning the PlayStation 3 Motion Contoller recreates every single swing of the arm and twist of the wrist exactly on screen. Time to MoveThe PS3 has had Motion Technology since it’s launch back in 2007. The Sixaxis controller launched with the PlayStation 3 and gave gamers a small amount of motion control. Fast forward 3 years and Sony have now stepped up with PlayStation Move. Get your Move onThe PlayStation Move gives PlayStation 3 gamers a new way to play and interact with their PlayStation 3. The Move is actually broken into three separate parts; the motion controller sub-controller and the PlayStation Eye camera. The PlayStation Move Motion Controller and PlayStation Eye CameraThe Move Motion Controller contains advanced motion sensors such as a three-axis accelerometer a three-axis gyroscope and a terrestrial magnetic field sensor to measure your movements and motions which are translated into on screen movements and commands. The colour changing sphere on the end of the controller is tracked by the PlayStation Eye and by using the power of the ...