Resistance: Fall of Man

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Name: Resistance: Fall of Man

Platform: PS3

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 23 Mar 2007

RRP: £39.99

Barcode: 5050053016539


Resistance Fall of Man is a gripping first-person action game developed exclusively for the PS3 Set in a frightening alternate 20th century reality Resistance Fall of Man will deliver a thoroughly believable world that blends epic military action and unnerving horror Utilising its signature creative style Insomniac Games has created a truly next-generation experience featuring smarter enemies a wide variety of horrifying creatures physics-based weaponry playable vehicles and highly detailed diverse environments Players will be challenged online and offline as Resistance Fall of Man delivers an engaging single-player campaign a co-operative mode and one of the most complete multiplayer offerings in a console game In Resistance Fall of Man the US and Britain band together in a last-ditch effort to save Europe and Asia from a horrific scourge In mere decades the Chimera - a species of unknown origin propagating a virus that converts other life forms into more Chimera - has overrun Russia and all of Europe Humanity's hope for survival is slim and the tide of the battle rests on the shoulders of US Army Ranger Sgt Nathan Hale Resistance Fall of Man draws players into a deep frightening story that rewrites the 20th century and pits the United States and Britain against a horrific species of unknown origin In addition to an epic single player campaign Resistance Fall of Man features co-op split screen multiplayer and highly customizable online gameplay PlayStation 3's superior power...