Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Limited Edition

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Name: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Limited Edition

Platform: PS3

Genre: Action Games

Release Date: 15 Mar 2013

RRP: £34.99

Barcode: 5907813593895


Takes the bulls-eye precision of its best-selling predecessor to new and exciting heights. Powered by the CryENGINE 3 engine the missions of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 are graphically stunning and more challenging as you once again step into the ghilliesuit of a special ops sniper to take down the enemy. Limited Edition Content The Limited Edition offers astonishing value for money housed in beautiful O-card packaging and includes: The Vintorez in-game sniper rifle – AKA the ‘Thread cutter’ – for use in multiplayer modes Anderson – game protagonist ex delta-force sniper wearing an exclusive ghilie suit – as a playable character in multiplater modes. Click Image To Enlarge Character BioFull Name: Captain Cody AndersonCodename: “Sandman”Nationality: American Occupation: Private Security Consultant (ex-Delta Force Sniper) Background: Anderson grew up in the cold wilderness of Alaska where he learned the skills of hunting marksmanship and tracking from an early age. After his father was killed in action while serving with the Marines in Vietnam Anderson was raised by his Native American mother.   From the time he was ten years old Anderson hunted wild game to put food on his family’s dinner table. Anderson joined the Marine Corp after high-school and trained as a scout-sniper attached to the elite Marines’ elite “Force Recon” unit.  Anderson is descended from a long line of A...