Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

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Name: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Platform: PS3

Genre: Role Playing Games

Release Date: 28 Feb 2014

RRP: £39.99

Barcode: 3391891976268


In the world of Sylvarant the land is dying due to a steady loss of Mana the energy source that is needed for both magic and life itself As crops begin to wither and hardship sets in the people turn their hopes to the Chosen who can reverse the ills of the world by completing the Journey of World Regeneration Lloyd Irving and his friends must find a way to help the Chosen awake the Summon Spirits but they'll soon discover the fate of a second world is tightly linked to their actions Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World follows the journey of two young heroes Emil and Marta in a world of chaos as their fates intertwine with Lloyd Colette and Ratatosk a summon spirit rumoured to be the lord of all monsters The most renowned Tales of game comes back in HD The possibility to play with the Japanese voiceover The whole saga of Tales of Symphonia combined in one game More than 90 hours of Gameplay in total Addition of new fierce Bosses Brand new 40 Artes scattered between playable characters and enemies